Temperature for Wood Flooring Maintenance 

We react to sudden temperature changes in the same way our wood floors do. What’s comfortable for us is comfortable for our wood, and you’ll notice your floor change with the seasons. While wood makes an excellent choice for flooring, consider keeping your house at a specific temperature and humidity range so it stays attractive and … Continued

Most Popular Flooring 2021-2022

If your flooring could talk, what stories would it tell? Your family home’s flooring is the foundation for impromptu dance parties in the living room, the pitter-pat of paws scampering across the kitchen and children’s toy cars racing down the hallway. With Americans spending more time inside and working from home more than ever before, it’s no … Continued

How to Match Wall Color With Your Wood Floor

Whether you’re selecting wall colors or changing up your flooring and want versatility, it helps to know the best wall and floor color combinations. Hardwood floors, in particular, open up your interior design choices to a world of possibilities. You just have to know what paint colors go with your wood floors. Learn more about … Continued

Basement Flooring Trends 2021

Your basement offers excellent usable space for your home, often with a significant amount of square footage. Still, updating a basement presents unique challenges. Since basements are below ground level, they’re typically subject to dampness. In general, hard materials are safer for basement flooring, paired with accent rugs for added comfort, but other choices are … Continued

Vail Interior Designers

Renovating your home or business in Vail, Colorado, can add value to your property and create an inviting atmosphere. An experienced flooring specialist from Creative Floors can guide you as you pick the materials, colors and patterns for your space. Explore the qualities of Denver interior designers and get some tips about what flooring to … Continued

Guide to the Most Popular Hardwood Floor Colors and Trends

Home design trends are constantly evolving, but some features remain superior to the rest. Hardwood flooring has always been a constant – it’s durable, comfortable and visually appealing for homeowners, business owners or anyone who is looking to enhance the look of their property. The hardwood flooring market is growing and is a highly desirable … Continued

Types of Quality Carpet Material for Your Workplace or Home

What materials are used to make carpet? You typically don’t think about your carpet too much unless you’re shopping for a new one — but it’s not an element that you’ll want to overlook. Whether you’re designing an office or decorating your home, carpeting is key. Your carpet can make your space inviting to family, friends … Continued

The Best Materials for Area Rugs in Your Work or Living Space

Laying out an area rug is an incredibly satisfying way to complete a room. However, if your rug begins to unravel or the color begins to fade within weeks of walking on it, your heart sinks. How could a new area rug fall apart so easily? The truth is that most area rugs lack the … Continued

How to Care for Your Area Rug

Your choice of area rug for your space is an investment in beauty, practicality and ease of maintenance. Ensure your carpet will last longer and look better by maintaining it properly through vacuuming, removing spills and getting it cleaned by a professional. Consider these fiber, silk, wool, and viscose rug cleaning tips to help you … Continued