Guide to the Most Popular Hardwood Floor Colors and Trends

Guide to the Most Popular Hardwood Floor Colors and Trends

Home design trends are constantly evolving, but some features remain superior to the rest. Hardwood flooring has always been a constant – it’s durable, comfortable and visually appealing for homeowners, business owners or anyone who is looking to enhance the look of their property. The hardwood flooring market is growing and is a highly desirable option for your property in 2021.

Improvements in flooring technology have not only led to improvements in wood flooring, but also the creation of realistic-looking wood-alternatives, such as vinyl plank. No matter what type of wood flooring fits your style and budget, there are endless options to find what perfectly fits your lifestyle.

With various competing flooring options, hardwood floor manufacturers must produce creative and desirable options to stand out. Follow this guide to floor color trends in 2021 to see what fits your style.

Hardwood Floor Trends By Type

Choosing to invest in wood flooring is a savvy investment for your property. You can transform any space by choosing the right flooring. Different types of wood flooring have qualities enable them to work in a variety of spaces.

A few of our favorite wood flooring options are:

  • Unfinished: Allows the owner to get creative with their color, texture, and finishing options, unfinished wood is a “blank slate”, allows the opportunity to completely customize the look and feel of the flooring – also, a great option when adding additional wood to space that already has wood flooring, the unfinished wood can be stained to closely match what already exists in the space
  • Prefinished: Allows the owner to easily choose a wood flooring that has already been customized by the manufacturer, including the staining, sealing, and protecting of the wood, arrives ready to install, a great option when customization is not the top priority, check out our collection of prefinished wood flooring here
  • Solid: Optimal in climates that do not fluctuate drastically in temperature, solid wood flooring is made up of one piece of wood, typically sits at a higher price point, but can be sanded and refinished as color preferences and trends change over time
  • Engineered: Optimal in climates that drastically change in temperature (like here in Colorado!), engineered wood flooring is real wood flooring made up of several layers of wood to enhance durability and prevent warping and cupping, scratches and scrapes can be easily sanded out depending on the thickness of the wear layer, check out our collection of engineered wood flooring here
  • Vinyl Plank: An alternative to wood flooring that gives the same look and feel of wood flooring but at a lower price point, vinyl plank is low maintenance and incredibly durable, as well as waterproof, easy to repair and available in a wide range of colors and textures to fit any style
  • Reclaimed: A cozy, rustic option is claimed flooring, sourced from old barns or lumber previously used in flooring projecst – reclaimed wood offers a statement look that flows with any decor style, with its significant weathering, reclaimed wood has an old look and feel, but is still structurally sound and incredibly durable, check out our collection of reclaimed wood flooring here

The above types of hardwood floor trends are not mutually exclusive – reclaimed wood flooring can be solid wood and prefinished wood can be engineered! The options are endless when choosing wood flooring for your property. Choosing the best combination of features for your property will help to enchance the ambinace of the space and increase the value of the property for years to come!

Hardwood Floor Styles

Hardwood Floor Styles

One of the best parts of designing a space is customizing the layout with your style, color, and texture preferences. Choose from these four hardwood floor trends to upgrade your property:

1. Traditional

Typically, the traditional flooring style has warmer tones. Choose between dark or light-colored wood floors if you decide on traditional-style hardwood.

2. Contemporary

If your style is more modern, contemporary-style flooring may complement your decor nicely. In contemporary-style hardwood, you’ll notice wider planks and various wood floor colors match your furniture.

3. Global-Inspired

A wide range of wood species from all over the world can make your flooring unique and sophisticated. From French Oak to Brazillian Cherry, the global-inspired flooring style is excellent for people who want to showcase their diverse tastes.

4. Rustic

The rustic flooring style suits those who want to hide any marks on their floor or love the aged, weathered look. Rustic flooring pairs perfectly with any type of decor and makes a cozy statement without being over the top.

Trends In Hardwood Flooring Colors – Wood Floor Colors for 2021

Selecting a wood floor color goes hand in hand with selecting cabinetry, trim, and wall color. In 2021, we’ll see a range of flooring trends arise. From multicolored wood floors to natural wood floors, there is an option for all styles. Stay updated on the popular color trends of 2021 with this list of hardwood colors and tones:

Light and Natural Tones

Light, natural and muted hardwood floors are growing in popularity. Light-colored hardwood floors create a timeless, airy feel. This light and warm oak wood flooring deliver a stylish look to this room.

Dark and Cool Tones

Dark floors are on-trend in different regions, and demand for this option will continue increasing in 2021. Dark flooring offers a gorgeous contrast to any lighter-colored wood or paint in the space. A dark oak like this can be a fashionable addition to your property. Dark floors are an ideal accent for any room.

Gray Blends

Gray wood has become a desirable color choice for flooring over the years. Gray is a sophisticated shade to match features all over your home. This trendy color is an excellent neutral to incorporate into a home or business. Gray-blend hardwood planks can look modern and complement various accent colors in your space.

Install Hardwood Floors to Match Your Style

Hardwood Floor Trends to Match Your Style

While trends are always changing, the quality of hardwood flooring is not. The various available styles and colors of hardwood floors will continue to grow in popularity in 2021. If you’re ready to invest in your property and to change the hardwood floor color in your home or business – this is the year to accomplish it. You can receive expert advice on floor design and installation from Creative Floors.

Creative Floors will help you with the design process, guide your flooring decision and make your vision a reality. Our flooring experts and experienced team of professional installers can give your interior the update you need. Start our process today and see how we can help you find the flooring you’re looking for.