The Best Materials for Area Rugs in Your Work or Living Space

Laying out an area rug is an incredibly satisfying way to complete a room. However, if your rug begins to unravel or the color begins to fade within weeks of walking on it, your heart sinks. How could a new area rug fall apart so easily? The truth is that most area rugs lack the high-quality makings of a reliable, artisan rug.

If you are searching for an area rug and need help understanding the best rug materials, look no further. We’re here to help you figure out which rug material is best for your home, office or business.

What Materials Make for a Great Area Rug?

You want to pick the best material for an area rug, preferably one made from fabric that’s comfortable and strong enough to handle plenty of foot traffic. There are two categories of area rug materials to consider — natural fibers and synthetic fibers. Both of these categories contain materials that are durable, stylish and comfortable. Some of the best rug materials include the following.

1. Wool

Wool is one of the best natural fibers for your area rug. It’s durable and comfortable because the threads spring back with softness after being walked on. To an extent, wool is also naturally stain-repellant and water-resistant. Wool area rugs come in beautiful colors and styles that flatter most interior home decor.


2. Nylon

Nylon is a high-performance material known for its durability and stain resistance. Most popular among homeowners, this material will make for a great area rug in your home. When you purchase your nylon area rug, consider soft nylon for a softer touch. No matter the design, you can trust that this rug material will last you a good while.

3. Synthetic Jute or Sisal

Jute and sisal are two synthetic fibers that make for dirt-resistant rugs with durability and toughness. Jute is specifically known as the golden fiber, and it provides a sense of calm in your home no matter the shade you choose. Sisal is also made in shades of warm, neutral brown. It complements any living room, kitchen or hallway and performs well under heavy foot traffic.

4. Chilewich

Chilewich rugs are woven or shaggy floor mats perfect for any room in the house. Because of their durability and easy cleaning maintenance, you can trust that these mats will handle high traffic areas while adding to your home’s character.

Area Rug Materials to Avoid

There are a few materials to avoid if you are looking for a rug that is low maintenance and able to handle high foot traffic:

  • Cotton: Cotton rugs are not made for high-traffic areas in your home. They also have a shorter lifespan than other durable materials and are highly absorbent, making stain removal a time-consuming process.
  • Linen: One of the largest downfalls of linen rugs is that they age quickly. As a result, they’re incapable of handling high traffic and also have a short lifespan.

Let Creative Floors Find You the Area Rug to Complete Your Living Space

At Creative Floors, we know the critical role an area rug plays in your home or office. It pulls your decor together and creates an inviting environment for your family, co-workers or visitors. We offer a long line of artisan rugs that will flatter your space. Browse our selection of rugs today for inspiration.