Vail Interior Designers

Vail Interior Designers

Renovating your home or business in Vail, Colorado, can add value to your property and create an inviting atmosphere. An experienced flooring specialist from Creative Floors can guide you as you pick the materials, colors and patterns for your space. Explore the qualities of Denver interior designers and get some tips about what flooring to use in each room of your property.

Room-by-Room Interior Design Guide — Why It All Begins With Your Floors

The floors serve as the foundation for the rest of your property’s design. Since the materials and colors you choose will affect each room’s look and feel, you must put a lot of thought into your floor renovation. Complement your decorative elements, walls and furniture with your flooring for a cohesive design.

A spacious room invites guests, family members and customers into your property and gives them an excellent first impression of your home or business. Light, airy colors like ivory or cream can make even a tiny room feel bigger. You may also want to have interior design companies in Denver, CO, install your hardwood, vinyl or laminate planks parallel to the room’s length to add depth. A mild glossy finish reflects light and creates a vibrant, open atmosphere.

Room-by-Room Guide From Interior Design Flooring Experts

Each room in your home or business needs specific flooring to suit the activities that take place there. Follow these tips from interior designers in Vail, Colorado, to pick the best materials for every area you’re remodeling.


An entryway is the first impression for guests and clients as they enter your home or business. Wide plank flooring, such as the Little Italy flooring we installed in a Beaver Creek ski home, creates an inviting feeling and makes the room appear bigger. Reclaimed wood flooring offers a unique look that impresses your guests and adds dimension to your property. Interior designers in Denver, CO, are familiar with our area’s snowy weather. We recommend adding an entry mat to protect your hardwood floors from foot traffic and wear as people come inside.


Since the basement usually has small windows, if any, you’ll have to bring light into the room through your walls or flooring. Moisture-resistant materials such as vinyl maintain their integrity over time, giving you peace of mind in case of flooding. Mansfield reclaimed wall paneling creates an eye-catching design in the basement that brings color into the room. These authentic barn board panels have a mixed appearance with a brown finish over them. Consider this material for your modern farmhouse basement.

Living Room

Create a warm and inviting living room for your loved ones and guests to gather. Hardwood flooring with custom area rugs gives visitors a comfortable place to set their feet. We installed Tuscan wood floors and a customized area rug in a modern farmhouse in Eagle-Vail. These wood planks’ bright colors make the room more inviting and reflect the natural light in the windows.

Dining Room

The dining room is a relaxing, comfortable part of your home or business. Hardwood flooring with a custom area rug gives the room a sense of warmth while inviting your guests and loved ones to sit down for a meal. In our project for a penthouse in Vail, we used York reclaimed wood flooring with a mix of various types of oak. The red area rug under the dining room table complements the reclaimed wood’s rich colors and enhances the space’s overall design.


The kitchen is often part of an open-concept design, so it makes sense to install consistent floors in the living room, dining room and kitchen. Consider Lazio Wide Plank Flooring, like what we installed in a guest house in Creamery Ranch. These oak panels have a consistent color baked through the entire veneer and a UV urethane finish that resists sun damage while giving the room a vibrant look.


The hallway provides a smooth transition from one room to the other. We recommend hardwood flooring with a custom area rug to create warmth in this area of the home. In our Heart of the Vail Village project, interior designers in Vail, CO, added a hide rug against the stairs to accommodate comfortable walking. The wide oak plank flooring makes the hallway appear more spacious.



The bedroom is where the members of your household find rest and comfort. Carpet is the best flooring material for a bedroom because of its soft texture. It also reduces sound transfer and creates a more private atmosphere in this part of the home. You can choose from various colors, patterns and materials to find the perfect fit for your design.


The gym in your home or business has to accommodate wear and tear from workout equipment and shoes. Chilewich vinyl flooring is ideal for this part of your property because of its low maintenance and durability. Since it’s resistant to staining and water absorption, it’ll last on your property for a long time. Choose from various colors and patterns to give your space a brand-new look.


Your garage is home to your vehicle and any equipment you don’t want to keep inside. Rubber flooring is excellent for this part of your property because of its resilience and ability to take on different colors to accommodate your property’s overall design. This flooring material is also easy to clean and install.


Since the bathroom is a high-traffic area with moisture and heat, you’ll need a flooring material that can maintain its integrity when exposed to water and high temperatures. Luxury vinyl tile is highly resistant to moisture. It’s easy to clean and has an elegant appearance that appeals to guests and clients. Choose from various colors and styles to find what you need to complete your bathroom’s design.


For stairways, we recommend hardwood flooring with a custom stair runner. Stairs need to be comfortable for people to walk on. A custom stair runner, such as the one featured in our Tivoli project in Arrowhead, reduces noise so people walking around late at night don’t disturb the others in the house. In a commercial space, the stairs should be comfortable for your clients to walk on so they have a pleasant experience in your facility.

Don’t Forget to Add Wall Textures

With interior design in Vail, CO, the wall material you choose should complement your flooring. Reclaimed wood walls are growing in popularity among residential and commercial owners today because of their distinct appearance. We featured Mansfield reclaimed wall paneling throughout the design of a ski home in Beaver Creek. This antique reclaimed product has a mix of unique species in various widths to create your desired look. It has a brown finish, and it comes in a shiplap or straight-edge pattern, depending on your design preferences.

Our Process in Vail, CO

At Creative Floors, we offer interior design services in Denver, Colorado, and beyond. We follow this process with each of our clients.

  • Design: Since we’re passionate about interior design, we love giving you ideas to inspire your creativity for renovating your space. Visit our showroom to spark your ingenuity and step outside your comfort zone to get a unique appearance for your residential or commercial property.
  • Decide: After you’ve explored some of the design options we have available, we’ll help you home in on your specific design theme with current trends and color schemes. Discuss your options with one of our flooring experts and find the perfect flooring for your renovation project.
  • Make it happen: At Creative Floors, we have full-time installation managers and an expert installation team. When it’s time to renovate your home or business, we’ll inspect the area and evaluate to make sure we complete every part of the process correctly. We have confidence in our expertise and products so you can have peace of mind after we finish the renovation project.

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