How to Match Wall Color With Your Wood Floor

How to Match Wall Color With Your Wood Floor

Whether you’re selecting wall colors or changing up your flooring and want versatility, it helps to know the best wall and floor color combinations. Hardwood floors, in particular, open up your interior design choices to a world of possibilities. You just have to know what paint colors go with your wood floors.

Learn more about how you can match different home components with wood floors in any room of your home.

Why Make All the Parts of Your Room Match?

When you consider how much time you spend in your home, it makes sense that you want to invest in your space to impress your guests and express your style. One of the best ways to upgrade your home is to make changes to the interior design. Creating a complementary color combination of your walls and floors is the first step to opening your home to countless design ideas.

Making your furniture, flooring, doors and baseboards match is a great way to create a cohesive theme for the rooms in your home. The relationship between certain wall and floor color combinations can complement and contradict each other in unique ways. Color combinations have the ability to influence your perception and elicit specific moods to make you feel a certain way.

Creating cohesive rooms can also help the themes throughout your home smoothly transition from one to the other. Redecorating your home is a great way to show off your creativity and fully express your personality. Matching your wall color with your wood floors can be used to give off modern, bohemian or luxury styles.

Matching Furniture With Floors

Your floor serves as the foundation of your room, so it is crucial to understand the concept of undertones when it comes to matching your flooring with your furniture. Most wood flooring options have a warm, cool or neutral undertone to pick from:

  • Warm tones: Wood flooring with warm tones, like yellow, orange or red colorings, typically match well with other warm-toned pieces of furniture and decor. So if you’re wondering, for instance, what paint colors go with honey oak floors, you could choose anything from soft cream to a vivid warm hue.
  • Cool tones: If you need to know what color wall paint to choose for gray floors — the shade many cool-toned flooring options are — choose equally cool tones. Gray walls are sophisticated, while blue shades will highlight your contemporary, cool floors.
  • Neutral tones: In most cases, neutral undertones match well with both warm- and cool-toned pieces of furniture.

You’ll find a selection of luxury wood flooring with a wide selection of different wood undertones to choose from, giving you plenty of options for your home.

Flooring influences the look and feel of everything within your room. For a bohemian look, choosing a warm-toned wood floor with visible grain patterns helps create a comfortable, cozy feeling. For a more modern look, metal accent furniture pieces, glass decor items and unique art pieces can contrast nicely with wood flooring in cool tones. Dark-colored flooring against light furniture, and vice versa, gives off a classic, contemporary feel in any room. For more room design inspiration, check out our photo gallery of finished projects.

Eventually, there comes a time that your hardwood floors will need to be refinished to prolong their life and maintain the surface quality. Professional custom refinishing of existing wood floors helps keep your floors looking brand-new and is more cost-effective than replacing your entire floor.

Smaller pieces of decor, such as decorative pillows and blankets, shelves and wall decorations, can be the perfect finishing touch to pull the entire look of the room together. Consider searching an extensivecollection of artisan rugs that can be used to add your own personal flair to any room.

Match Walls With Flooring and Baseboards

Match Walls With Flooring and Baseboards

Undertones are key when it comes to matching walls with the flooring and baseboards. Choosing the right wall color comes down to matching the color tone of your wood flooring. Different hardwood floor and wall color combinations can create a look that is as subtle or bold as you want.

Light Hardwood Flooring

Neutral and light colors match well with light hardwood flooring. White, off-white or gray walls nicely complement this popular hardwood flooring color. These wall colors, in combination with the light wood floors, create a clean, bright look. In contrast, the combination of dark wall colors against light hardwood floors creates a bold, dramatic statement.

For a classic look, consider white baseboards that will go with just about any wall color you select. The lighter baseboards will complement your lighter wood flooring, creating a cohesive and airy space that continues from the floor to the walls.

Dark Hardwood Flooring

Dark hardwood floors are extremely versatile when it comes to the mood they can give off with other wall color combinations. Consider these baseboard and wall colors for dark floors:

  • Light cream or white wall paint against a dark floor gives off a sophisticated, modern look. This wall and floor color combination creates balance in the room, while the dramatic color contrast makes the interior feel brighter.
  • Pale shades of yellow, blue, tan or green wall paint soften the stark contrast of the dark flooring and give off a unique feel.

Alternatively, you can match your dark hardwood floors with dark wall paint to make a room feel cozier. To take the matching look even further, use wooden trim and baseboards that complement the flooring, like in the rustic Eby Creek Ranch.

Matching Doors With Flooring

The best home component for doors to color coordinate with is your hardwood flooring. Many people prefer to have all their interior doors match throughout their home to create a sense of cohesion. But it is important to coordinate both sides of the door with your hardwood flooring, especially if your flooring is dark in one room and light in an adjacent room.

To flow your styles throughout your home and connect the rooms, consider timeless neutrals for your doors. That choice will give you the freedom to change up your flooring and wall colors without worrying about altering the doors. The possibilities include:

  • White: White doors match well with dark and light floors in warm or cool hues. Using white baseboards and trim can help transition your floor and wall color into the doors.
  • Gray: A door that is a shade of gray typically pairs well with a cool-toned gray wood floor. You’ll get a contemporary look that’s fresh yet cozy.
  • Brown: Beige and shades of brown are popular colors for interior doors since they’re so versatile. They give off a stylish, modern feel against both dark and light wood flooring. In wood tones and textures, a brown door can give your home a comfortable, rustic feel.

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