Types of Quality Carpet Material for Your Workplace or Home

What materials are used to make carpet? You typically don’t think about your carpet too much unless you’re shopping for a new one — but it’s not an element that you’ll want to overlook.

Whether you’re designing an office or decorating your home, carpeting is key. Your carpet can make your space inviting to family, friends and visitors. When you incorporate carpeting that easily snags, wears down quickly or is rapidly discolored, it can draw attention away from the rest of the room. On the other hand, the right carpet can pull the entire space together.

If you’re going to invest in carpeting, you want it to last. We’ve put together a list of some of the best quality carpet materials — and a few that you’ll probably want to avoid.

Quality Carpet Materials to Consider for Your Space

When you’re looking at carpeting, it’s important to consider details like foot traffic and maintenance. The following carpeting materials are beautiful in design, and they’re realistic options for any space — be it the office, business or home.

1. Wool

Wool is the natural fiber material that other carpet materials are compared to. Why does it set the standard? Wool is luxurious, not to mention its durability, comfort and low maintenance. This environmentally friendly material maintains its softness in high-traffic areas and is stain-resistant. It also gathers less dust and dirt than other carpet materials.

2. Blends, Like Viscose/Wool or Wool/Nylon

The next best thing to wool is a blend of wool and nylon or viscose. Nylon is a premium, synthetic fiber that is comfortable, easy to clean and great at repelling stains. Viscose is an interior designer’s dream material. With its ability to reflect light and velvety touch, you can bring in beautiful colors and designs into a room thanks to this fiber.


3. Triexta

If you’re looking for maximum durability, Triexta — also known as Smartstrand — may be the synthetic fiber for you. This material has dirt- and stain-resistant qualities in case of accidental spills. It also comes in a range of colors to flatter your space. Pegged for resiliency and crush resistance, place this carpeting in any area of your home or office

Types of Carpet Material to Avoid

You’ll probably want to stay away from high-maintenance materials and ones that will not last long in your space. Two options to be wary of include the following:

  • Cotton: Cotton carpeting is extremely absorbent, making it almost impossible to remove stains. This material also is not manufactured to handle high-traffic areas without being severely worn down and even torn.
  • Linen: Linen doesn’t hold up well over time. Unlike other carpets with crush-resistance, these carpets show their wear and tear, which makes them inadequate for high traffic areas of your home. Linen is also more costly than other carpet materials.

Work With Creative Floors to Find the Best Carpet Material

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